2019 Internship Intakes at the Bureau

URSB offers internship and Clerkship opportunity to students from all Universities and Higher institutions of Learning in Uganda basing on the availability of slots.

Internship and Clerkship programs will run in the following periods;

April-June- Clerkship

June-August- Internship

September –November- Internship

Applications for each of the above periods should be sent in, a month to the start of the Internship period to allow ample time for preparation of Offer Letters and feedback.

Only Students still pursuing their studies in the respective institutions are eligible for Internship at URSB. Successful Applicants will be directly contacted using our official lines.

Successful Applicants shall be expected to behave professionally and maturely as they learn and contribute to the mandate of URSB. Management encourages all successful Applicants to profitably utilize the time while at the Bureau to learn for the good of their careers.

Unsolicited Job Applications should not be sent on this portal.

All Internship applications unless communicated otherwise MUST be submitted through the online careers portal by filling the form below.

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